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Bob's move back home.


Bob is an extremely caring person who never felt at home where he's living now. He has always asked himself the questions, "Why do I feel like a stranger here? " "What is wrong with me, that makes it that only 'foreigners' understand me?" and "What makes that it feels like am I going nowhere fast?" The answer was clear to him when he finally found and visited his mother. 'I belong in the U.S.A.' He lives on disability welfare and barely dares to go outside due to living in a wet climate which is no good for his COPD and Arthritis . When he was in America, he was outgoing and almost got hired. As you can see on his website, Bob is an unemployed peer support worker. When he calls peer support organisations in America, they welcome him with open arms and immediately invite him. He needs to get to America a.s.a.p. because several employers are waiting for his arrival. Some have even asked him if it was ok for them to meet at the airport. Time is therefore of the essence. Recently a ticket was sent to him and all travel arrangements were made, but customs did not let him through because he was traveling with a one way ticket and on a Europian passport. Renewing his American passport is yet another expense he cannot afford. Who can help? Bob's site

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