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Stop Child Abuse Now


Wake Up Britain our children are being stolen and abused by state officials who are here to protect them will you let this carry on ANDY 07827731060. Don't take my word google these links and Google child stealing by the state. We need you and your group and your families to share these events on Facebook twitter and your websites and to attend one In memory of all abused stolen missing and dead children we have the research for the money making government machine and the paedophiles attached. Do not ask for agency help you may loose your kids 2. Support UK Children Now The children the parents grandparents and carers are all Screaming to be heard and helped.

We ask the uk government and the people to ask for a public enquiry.

Why Have We Allowed the British Government to break up communities and families ?

London M25 Road Blockade July 24th 10am south mimms services A1/M25 Junction

The Candle Light Vigil (Not Real Candles Please) July 24th 1500 to 2000

The Children Screaming To Be Heard Conference Free Tickets.

The Stolen Uk Children London M25 BLOCKADE 24 July 2014

The Aim Of the blockade is to get Media Coverage and to wake up Britain. Families who have had their children taken by the troops in the SS Army "In a child'...

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