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My Story


***Trigger Warning***


My name is Robert (Bob) Honecker and I am the founder and main Peer Support worker of U.N.A., You’re not alone. Please allow me to tell you a little bit of my story.


I was born in New Hampshire in the last ‘60’s.


My mother was forced to put me up for adoption because she had no support. Obviously, I don’t remember the early years of my life.


At 6 years old I found out that the family I was living with wasn’t my biological one. This is when my traumas started. One of my foster brothers was going into puberty and turned his sights on me to experiment with. I have a scar to prove that.


At ten years old I was finally adopted by a single male, who constantly put me down and couldn’t keep his hands to himself. When I went into puberty, he physically tried to convince me that homosexuality was the way to go. When I was 16, he got arrested for that. After spending 2 years in mental institutions and homes for juvenile delinquents I was forced to go back to my adoptive father.


When he picked me up he gave me the choice of either starting a hotel with him in The Netherlands or going into the military, knowing that the military wouldn’t take me due to health issues. After running his hotel for 5 years, he kicked me out because I wanted to evolve and was heterosexual. I am married now and after being my wife’s parents’ caregiver for the better part of 15 years.


I can allow myself to evolve. I have always been there for others and as of the summer of 2013 I am a certified peer support worker. During that training I was able to find my biological mother, see the videos.


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